Location:  160/161 Church Street
Current name:  Friends Meeting House Yard
Leads to:  160A Church Street
161 Church Street (former Friends Meeting House)
12A-12D Bridge Street
7/8 Grape Lane
Map reference:  NZ 9003 1107

The Friends have met on this site since the first Meeting House was built in 1676 on land bought in 1669. The current building was built in 1813, but unfortunately ceased to be used by the Friends in the late 1990s. The Friends now meet in the Community Centre on Byland Road. The former Meeting House is now the Cosanostra restuarant.


  • Friends Meeting House Yard
  • 160/161 Church Street to via 7/8 Grape Lane
  • EP1852: Friends Meeting House Yard, 160 Church Street, 1852 sometimes referred to as just Meeting House Yard
  • AW1852: Friends Meeting House Yard, Church Street sometimes known as Meeting House Yard
  • OS1852: unnamed, 160/161 Church Street to 7/8 Grape Lane next to Friends' Meeting House
  • OS1891: unnamed, 160/161 Church Street next to Friends' Meeting House
  • JH1986: Friends Meeting House Yard, 160/161 Church Street
  • JH (OS1849,1893) EP1852 AW1852

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