Location:  144/145 Church Street
Current name:  Brewster Lane
Leads to:  Flat A,B,C 145 Church Street
Market Place

There is some conflicting evidence for the location of Fish Ghaut, however the strongest evidence is for what is now Brewster Lane.

144/145 Church StreetEdit

OS map of 1849 shows Fish Ghaut as the name for what is now Brewster Lane, running from Church Street through the northern extension of Sandgate/Market Place down to the river and to Fish Pier. According to Young the fish market was held on Fish Ghaut. The area between the the Sandgate extension and the river is considerably larger than Watson's Ghaut and is a more plausible location to hold a market.

The Shambles has since been built on the western end between Sandgate/Market Place and the river, pushing the access to the river and pier further north towards Argument's Yard. Properties on Brewster Lane are addressed as Market Place.

3/4 SandgateEdit

Not shown on any map as Fish Ghaut. Shown on maps as Watson's Ghaut, and the consistant evidence of 4 Sandgate being Mr Watson's shop supports the name Watson's Ghaut.

Alan Whitworth: Sandgate 1837. From c1790 the fish market was held here at the top of the steps that ran down to the river. Today the opening is blocked up but can be seen clearly between Greenwood's [3] and the former Victorian Museum [4].

George Young: The fish market was held in the passage formerly known as Fish Ghaut opposite Ellerby Lane on Sandgate next to Mr Watson's shop.


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